Life in the US is not as easy as we thought. Everything requires money and time. Everything is expensive including hair cut and manicure/pedicure. When I arrived in this country I always pity myself for not having a nice, and well polished nails. I didn’t even have a good nail clippers before to cut my toenails and I was having problem with my ingrown. I cried many time for pain and pity back then. So, when i get the chance to buy the stuff I needed for cleaning as i don’t like putting colored nail polished by myself, I just prefer cleaning my toes.

So, here I am folks doing my own toes to save money. It’s a pain in the neck doing all this stuff by yourself. Well, i was happy with the result in cleaning my big fat toes and feet. It look decent now, not ginger feet anymore hehehe. I so miss the pamper i could get in the Philippines. It’s cheap and very neat plus a little massage as well.