She’s our little baby niece Juleanne. My sister sheila and i haven’t met her yet in person and i am so really excited to meet her hopefully next year. She is the daughter of our eldest brother Julius. And right now she’s the one who keep her lolo and lola entertain. We’ll see you soon inday…

Juleanne with her lola(granma, our mother)

With her Lolo(grandpa,our father)

(our bro)Father and Daughter bonding

With the mommy and relatives,our aunt and cousins

Our youngest sissy,the aunt and niece bonding

This is an old post from our blogs Sissy’s Pastime. My sister is planning to fused her two blogs so that she only have 3 blogs to managed. She is one crazy sissy, so whatever her decision is, suportaan tika sis.