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FTF – PPC for Pizza, Peanut and Chips

Gotcha!!! You thought it’s blogging thingy click click chuvaness huh, well it’s foodies time ba-bay! Thanks to marz Willa for hosting this meme that makes me want to eat the computer screen everytime I see those uberyummyliciousdelight foods all over the blog universe.

Frozen Pizza - Affordable and Easy to Prepare

Peanut and Chips -- My Midnight blogging snacks

Anyway, my entry this week is this frozen pizza. One person commented in my travel blog that it doesn’t look like a frozen pizza. Well, if it’s cooked of course not frozen anymore. We stocked up our fridge with frozen foods for winter. There are times that it’s a pain in the frozen a$$ to drive on a snowy road just to go to the store or take out some food in our nearest Pizza hut. Sometimes, hubby and I will stay up late on the weekend and we finished a whole pizza. This very affordable for 5 buck$ you already have a ready to cook pizza. So easy to prepare just heat up for 14 minutes and you are good to go.

On weekdays, I am always the last vampire to go to bed. I get hungry all the time and good thing we bought two jar of peanuts to munch and some chips. Now wonder the losing weight belt I bought for $49 did not work because the food machine won’t stop grinding some food.

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