July Born. My dad celebrated his birthday on the 27th of July while my brother was on the 29th of July. I already greeted both of them in Facebook but not in any of my blog. I also did not call because they don’t have land line and I forgot to buy calling card. Our land line will charge if I call to a cell phone. Happy Birthday Pa and yong.

Father - Leopoldo II

Let us all bid good bye to July as August is finally here. My daughter will celebrate her 2nd birthday tomorrow. When fall semester starts my life will be back to super duper busy again.
Older Brother - Julius

Anyway, a change of plan with my potato chip birthday. Instead of driving to Slipper Rock we decided to just celebrate it in our simple way. We still couldn’t drive long distance with our car because of the mileage. We will have the car inspected on September and if the car mileage will drop over the limit it won’t pass and we don’t have money to pay for the repair. I’m glad we had our vacation to Las Vegas because our summer is getting boring and dull.