I started blogging back in December 2008 and during that time I didn’t know about blogging techniques to earn traffic, revenue and extra income. I applied my blog to numbers of affiliate program that I read in other websites. I really have no idea what was the word about back then. I put links, banners and other affiliate ads in my blog but did not care if I get paid or not. Later on I started to grasp the whole idea of earning revenue and affiliates. Unfortunately, when it was time for me to get paid they disabled my account because of invalid clicks. I was disappointed and pissed. I learned from that experience and now I don’t just put banner or links in my website. I pick the legit websites and make sure that I earn and get paid for my hard work. Anyhow, I have created a new blog folks you might want to check it out. I’ll share it next time as for now it is still less than a month old so not much updates yet. It is in wordpress platform.