First off, I’m linking this post to Ruby Tuesday and ABC Wednesday Round 10.

As you can see most of the images had got to do with Christmas. Yes, during Christmas we see gifts, nutcracker, poinsettia and more. And red is a Christmas color so you’ll see a lot of it on that certain occasion.

This is what the Phipps Conservatory Garden looks like in the entrance side.  Since it’s winter this wild berries will also make a good decoration, but this will turn into a bushes when spring come.  Right now the leaves had already fell off its stems because of the freezing cold weather.
Here is a closer look to all that berries.
And of course the Christmas presents in the sleigh.
Nutcracker. Always part of the Christmas icon and decorations.
Then the flowers especially the poinsettia.  I love the color red of the poinsettia.