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Watching Satellite Television with my Children

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

My family and I spend a lot of time in front of the television especially since I work from home. I have three children who are always fighting over who gets to watch what on my satellite television from It had gotten so bad that I had to start setting times for each one of them to watch their favorite programs, and make room to watch my programs as well.

Some of my children’s favorite programs include nickelodeon and the Disney channel. They like to watch programs such as Degrassi, sweet life on deck, Spongebob, Mr. Knuckles, and Hannah Montana, I enjoy lifetime more than anything. Lifetime is the channel for women and they always have the best movies, movies that women can enjoy.

I also enjoy watching Reba which comes on everynight at seven. I can’t say I get to enjoy my shows in peace because of my children, who enjoy keeping up noise while mommy is watching television. Once the children are in bed for the night, I like to get me a snack and a glass of wine and enjoy my satellite television in peace and quiet. Sometimes I get so caught up in the movies that I end up being awake, watching television half the night. It may sound strange but I have always enjoyed watching Spongebob on nickelodeon as well. Now, my children and I can enjoy it together.

1, 2, 3, Winterize

Posted by Hyman Weeks

One day you are in the yard raking leaves and the next you find your have lost your driveway under a deep blanket of snow, seems to happen that way every year. You know winter is coming, yet it sneaks up on you.

There are certain things I like to accomplish before the snow falls. We make sure the gutters are clean so that they are not full of leaves and snow. I change the furnace filters and turn the furnace on for a quick heat up just to make sure that it is working and I get no surprises when we really need it. As back up for the possible furnace problems we have propane heaters, I make sure we have a good supply of propane. I live in a big old farm house that is still in need of some renovation. That means I still have some pretty drafty windows and doors. Some of the storm windows are long ago lost or broken, so I use window insulator kits and my handy blow dryer to make sure the wind is not sneaking in. I also like to use the new window caulk that can be easily peeled of at the end of the season.

With all preparations complete, the kids and I can turn on the satellite television from and enjoy some family time.