After giving birth to my second child I find it hard to lose weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy body. Different with my first born because after three month of breast feeding i lost most of the extra weight i gained when i was pregnant. It was couple of months ago when we visited my MIL and she asked me if I am pregnant again because of the fats in my tummy. It was not a surprising question for me to hear because I know I have love handles and they’re getting fatter each day. I saw a weighing scale in her bathroom and surprise to see the big numbers in it. I was only 105 lbs but now I weigh 130 lbs. This number is big already for a petite Asian girl like me. I’m thinking i got to look for scales online and maybe get one for myself to monitor my weight. I need to watch my weight closely otherwise i end up like a barrel. If I have a scale I could keep track of my weight. Perhaps have some self discipline to eat less, consume less coke and drink more water.