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Seafood Party in the Winter

I love seafood. Who doesn’t? Well, unless one is allergic to it. I would love to have some grilled prawns or deep fried crabs. Or maybe on a lazy night have some tempura and sushi. How I wish I can get my hands on some fresh tuna for a smooth, melt in the mouth sashimi.

But with this weather, it makes it hard for me to travel to the nearest Asian store or seafood market to get the freshest catch. So out of curiosity and to satisfy my seafood craving, I found a great seafood distributor online.

I can now order seafood online from I Love Blue Sea. What’s great about them is that I love their transparency. They tell you where and how their seafood is caught. They are upfront with their shipping costs and because there is no middle man involved, they pass down their discounted rates to their customers and guarantee the best quality. Every dollar spent supports fisheries who drive our ocean’s recovery.

So now I’m planning my seafood menu. Aside from the tempura and sashimi, the crabs and the prawns, I’m also thinking to buy oysters online. What a great seafood party this will be.

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