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Its Getting Better

Hubby and I always checked our weather forecast everyday and look into the 5 days forecast so that we can plan ahead if we want to go somewhere like visit his mom or go for a walk. We did a number of walks as our exercise this last couple of weeks and took our little guy outside but not everyday due to the weather. There were times that weather was nice or good and a lot of times it was bad and cold. I’m sick and tired of cold weather, I want the spring time to spring around. Look at our 5 days weather forcast peepz, I think we will get a break from all this cold winter weather huh. Hope you will enjoy your days with your kids and family having fun-tastic time outside.

Spring Beauty

Congratulations! guys you survive the winter, Spring is here not that cold anymore that we have to hibernate. Even though it’s kind of cooler this week but will get nicer soon. Last sunday the weather was awesome we love it,it felt like summer. We had a walk as in long walk for like 3 miles. I took some pictures of this flowers we passed by on our way to the park. Flowers makes our world colorful, these are one nice things to see on spring. Isn’t that neat, even wild flowers it gives beauty to our surroundings. Soon this trees will start budding and we can see green leaves on the trees. My favorite flowers on spring is the tulips. I love the cherry blossoms flowers too. How about you, what do you like?