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Story Of Us part2

Living in that house for almost a year and paying the equity and monthly mortgage for more than 2 years brought a lot of memories. Here are some pictures we got when we were still living together. Some of the pictures are on hard copy. When we took this pictures our parents and relatives didn’t know that my sister chel was already in the Philippines. They thought she was still in the US; we kind of hide it from them because she requested it, bad bad bad sissys waaaa.

My sister’s step daughters when they first visited Philippines. We threw a party for them and had some videoke or kareoke in our house.

This is the continuation from my previous post The Story of Us. So, I and my sister lived on our own, and it seems like we were better friend if we are living apart from each other. I gave up my house; sell all my appliances and furniture and couple of her stuff too. I rented an apartment closer to where i work. Our younger sister lived with me in my apartment, then again Rachael started coming back around for a visit in my apartment and things went well. Like I said i think we were good friends if we are not living with each other. So, after 2 years in that apartment me and my other sister moved to a different apartment and this time Rachael decided to live with us again. Well, here we are again living together lol, and i think you already figure out what happened next… yeah we had a fight again, a big one that we never talked with each other for months until she moved out and went to manila to process her tourist visa back in the US. She was renting a very nice apartment there. Since that time we didn’t have any communication until I got my visa coming to US too. She came here first and then I followed. She didn’t know that I was here already and I didn’t know how to contact her either. When she called my sister in the Philippines they told her about my number. She contacted me right away, I was glad coz i really felt so home sick when I got here. We got our communication back, and then she visited me here. Her husband is a pilot of Southwest Airlines that’s why she can travel anytime, anywhere. She has better life here than i am, she always send me a lot of stuff like Jake’s clothes or books or anything’s she has in there. Last summer her husband gave us a free ticket for me and hubby, so we went to Vegas last summer. My hubby and her hubby met for the first time. Every now and then my sister visited us here, and just recently Jake and I visited them in Vegas again. So, this is our lives, we are good friends if we are not living with each other, im sure there are other sisters or brothers out there who has the same story like us. We are like cat and dog, or water and gasoline. We need to separate to stay away from any fights loll. I know we are old enough to fight but what we can do we love fighting same thing like we love being friends. She’s an awesome sister, not afraid of any challenged in life. I am older than her but sometimes she acted like the older one, she knows a lot of things particularly in cooking, well don’t know how to cook that much, or i should say, i know how to cook but i am not proud to share it. I have less confidence than she has. Hope you enjoy our stories guys. Till next time.
More photos of our getaways there in Cebu.
Taken at one of the resort in Moalboal, Cebu
Bas Daku, Moalboal Cebu.
This one was taken at Badian, Cebu.

Story of Us

My sister chel’s friends at the pineapple farm in bukidnon

Each one of us has a story to tell, well allow me to share something about us. We are a proud pinay, born and raised in the southern part of the Philippines. Raised by conservative parents, that used to work in a Del Monte company. We call ourselves there product of pineapple coz that’s how most of the residents do their living or their source of income. When the company was bought by other management our parents got laid off but got paid enough money to support us all in college. WE moved to Cagayan de oro city but I and my sister at that time were in Cebu for college. So, i could say I’m used to the lifestyle in Cebu city. We are not a typical sweet closed sister when we were growing up. We are six in the family, 2 boys and four girls. My older brother now is working in a ship abroad. I’m the older sister and Rachael is two years younger than me. Since we were little we are always fighting and killing each other. She’s a tattletale kind of sister, the pretty one and im the sneaky ugly duckling one lol. She wanted to play with me and my friends but i won’t let her. So, Every time I get the chance to sneaked out and go to my friends she’s the one who run her mouth to my mother and as expected i get spanked or pinched. That is why we kind of growing up hating each other. Our parents always put us each other in one place, like going to college in Cebu we stayed in the same place, lived in the same room/apartment and the fights never ended there it gotten worst.
When I finished college I landed a job right away, first as a part timer then, as a teacher which is related to my profession. I was teaching in one of the public school in Cebu city. While on the other hand my sister looked for her own destiny. She’s been to many places until she met her husband Kelly; they got married, and went to the US. After almost a year of living here in the US she goes back to Cebu and lived again with me and my other sister. I had a house back then and asked them to make it our investment. So, for a year we shared responsibility of the house, I paid most of it since i was the one who has a stable job. It seems like we never encountered the word peace at all, we fought a lot of times, until one big fight that she moved out of the house. I was doomed; i had to pay the whole monthly mortgage of my house. I got tired paying it having that big responsibility in my shoulder I gave up the house in just a blink of an eye. To be continued….. Check out the rest of our story.