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Broken Heart

I feel sad with my dearest youngest sister right now. Lieza and her boyfriend have been together for like 5 years or less I think, am not sure the exact number though, and their relationship start to falling apart. Her boyfriend migrated to Canada just early this year and working on getting her to Canada as well. But now their plans is uncertain because the guy looks like have found someone else. I am not sure what’s their status right now, if they trying to work their relationship. Those sweet 5 years of being together will just go to waste and i really feel bad for my sissy. She is the sweetest sister, and even if she is the youngest she is very open Minded. She doesn’t deserved to get hurt. She can get along to any of us. I am the eldest but she acts more mature than me. Sometimes i just don’t want to act like the eldest. Anyhow, her heart is close to being broken right now. She already anticipated that this situation will come, but still love hurts isn’t it? Stupid Love! lol.
That’s he “Lieza” but we call him inday as she is our lil sistah.
With my other sister Weng, who is also have her own personal problem. haiizz what a life!
That’s the other sister, the one in Vegas.
And of course the ugly duckling in the family that grown up to be a brown duckie instead of a swan waaaa. LMAO

A Post from my sissy; Word of Honor…ngek!

the little sisters that are being left behind…. Lieza and louella… (T_T)
i am having a hard time writing this blog… WHY??? because i am not good at this thing… already having headache, after 10 minutes of thinking of what to write i will be hospitalize of having nosebleed to the next level… love you sisters… just to please my sister because i miss them so much.. i will try my very best to think good memories and use my English communication skills… hehehe!!!!! i am happy that my two sisters are now married, specially shiela aka titing… we thought that she will never get married because she is such a choosy person.. always have standards for men… she wanted her man to be older than her i guess for 3 years above her age… anyways..expect the unexpected!!!! now she is having her second baby… and jiji have her apo(grandson) i know that they are happy now. we are happy for them because they got what they deserve to have in life..
im always greatfull and thankfull that i have them as my sisters.. they are NOt the PERFECTt sisters but they are SIMPLY THE BEST… heheeh!!! we dont communicate much but if me and my sister wing needed them i know for sure that they will be there for us, i hope and pray always to GOD that he will give them good health and peace of mind.. nothing much to write.. just a BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!
we love and miss you guys…. help each other always…

chuwariwap…….. heheheeh!!!!! peace!!!!! LOLZ……

Recovered Photos

Some good ol days, it cracked us up sometimes looking at our old pictures like this one below. Its like walking down memory lane.

This photo was our last post in our old house back in Camp 14, Bukidnon before we moved to Cagayan De Oro City year 1998.

Pictures that my sister recovered from her old folder, so she scanned it for me to see how (yamukyuk) we (four of us) looked like when we were young… heheheh ohhh my golly! we looked funny and hilarious. It reminisce those old good days, and also my parents photo….