I am glad that it only took few days and I able to do things around after giving birth last Monday. My recovery was quite fast this time, thanks to my husband for doing some of the chores lately like laundry, dishes and taking care of Jake. Now, another gross red thing that invaded my skin especially in my legs. It started yesterday, and I had no clue what this thing called and how did I get this. I don’t have any allergies that I know of. But I remember before when I was still in college and lived at my Aunt in Dolho Cebu; that place was a squatter area where different of dirt you can see during rainy days. I had few of this red spots one time there was a flood in the place and I had to choice but to step on that dirty water going home from school. Anyhow, this red spots that really gives me a yucky feeling are not that itchy. They go away in the morning, and back in the afternoon. It ruins the appearance of my skin and legs. I hope I will find the cause of this thing when we see our doctor.