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A Place to buy Laptops

Best Buy is one of our favorite places when it comes to checking out different electronic products and other gadgets. I have always browsed their website because I have always dream of buying myself a laptop.  Although we have a desktop computer, which me and my husband take turns in using, I still want to own a laptop of my own.  Having a laptop for myself will make sure that I can use it anytime I want to.  Sometimes, when I have some online things to do I can’t do it right away because hubby is using our computer.  I hope that soon I can buy my dream laptop.

Halloween Customes

I want to be an early shopper. This early, I am thinking of shopping for my kids’ costumes for Halloween. I know it is still over 3 months but I just thought that perhaps if I will shop early I can find  good costumes at a reasonable price.

I have two kids to buy costumes so I need a little bit more amount of money to spend for it.  I even think that If I can prepare early, perhaps we will make this a family event where all of us will dress up for Halloween.  I have seen many families that does this and I think that is pretty cool. I guess I have to start hunting for good deals now.

Secret Menu Items from AMPM

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of AMPM. All opinions are 100% mine.

I have two little tots so cooking an elaborate menus is hard for me. I like preparing meals that are quick and easy. For that, I always look for recipes and menus that are easy to prepare. Once in a while, I also would like to eat out especially if there are new menus being offered by some resto out there.

I am an active member of Facebook so I always see updates and trendy stuff in FB. I am very happy when I learned about the secret menu tab from ampm‘s page in Facebook. I am drooling over the “Chili Conquestador (photo below) that AMPM ghas reveled on their secret menu tab. come on guys, admit it, who wouldn’t drool to that yummy-looking burger? Just look at the photo below and your stomach will growl hahaha.

Peeps and folks, check out the ampm‘s secret menu as they will reveal some more sumptuous menus in coming days. Take note of this dates for more yummy updates, July 26, August 2, 9, 16, and 30. You can also share your personal secret menu from their page on August 2, so watch out for that event. If you visit the page, please leave some comments on the item that you really like from their page in Facebook.

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