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Bonding with Sponge Bob Square Pants

Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale

It may sound odd, but one of the shows my family always watches is Sponge Bob Square Pants on Nickelodeon. My youngest son and I always make sure to watch the newest episodes of Sponge Bob on the best direct tv packages in Kentucky. It’s one of the quirkiest, cutest, and most hilarious programs available to young kids. I absolutely adore it and know my kids do too!

Because my son loves this program, we always try to schedule time to watch it throughout the week. I also use the program as a reward for my son’s progress in school. For example, if my son gets a good grade on an exam at school then I will let him stay up late and watch a couple re-runs of “Sponge Bob Square Pants” with me. My son always tries to do his best in school now, because he has such a great incentive in addition to the incentive of just getting good grades. I like to see that he tries harder in school for a show that I think is great for kids.

Through this show, I know my son has learned some great skills in life, such as being kind to others and even animals. He is more compassionate with others. I look at this show as a great aid in his social development, as well as great bonding time for us!

Pontoon Boat Cover

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Buying Childrens Clothing Online

Buying clothing online can be tricky, even if its children’s clothing. In fact, some persons will say that it is even harder to do. One of the biggest problems that can be encountered when buying for children online is getting the correct fit. However, it is possible work around this and to find the right size even when buying online.

Online stores tend to have a size chart to help persons select the correct size clothing. As such, before starting to look for clothes online it is necessary to take the child’s measurements. It also makes sense to measure a suit of clothing that fit them well. Using these two pieces of information, it shouldn’t be difficult to buy the right clothes.

Unlike in brick and mortar stores, when shopping online you are more likely to find a wider choice of colors and styles to choose from. Online shopping is more convenient as you can spend time looking for what you want. There is generally no closing time or sales rep looking over your shoulder. Parents can shop for their children at midnight when everyone is asleep.

If you take your time looking for clothes online, you will get value for money. Many online stores sell brand name clothing at prices lower than those normally found elsewhere do. Saving money is important for working parents. With children outgrowing their clothes so quickly, this is even more important.

When buying clothes online, regardless of whether it’s for adults or children, try dealing with stores that have a return policy. Even with close attention to the sizing chart, there will be hits and misses. Of course, you also have to make sure you are buying from an online store that is secure. Most parents will agree that shopping online for clothing can be a time and money saver.