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Guide to Online Casinos

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Nice Today

Hubby was very nice today. He drove me to the mall and let me shopping by myself. It shows that he is changing some of the not nice attitude he had. Before he won’t let me shopping by myself. He is jealous you know.. I had great time shopping with justine and i think jake and babger had wonderful time hanging out with each other. Hope this will continue and stay like this fo-eveh


My life lately is like a marathon. Life is good but having sick baby definitely not that good as we think. Anyhow, I want to thank everyone for the sympathetic comments and nice advice you guys left from my previous post. I was just expressing what I feel during that time. I was just exhausted and not feeling well. My two lil munchkins still not feeling well but not that bad as last week. The runny nose still there and they didn’t have fever last night which is good. My stomach is also feeling better now not hurting but I still feel like crap I guess due to the new pprescription birth control pill that I have been taking. My husband still has the cough from allergy and weather change. I will finish bloghopping tomorrow, I need to hit the hay now. See you tomorrow everyone!