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Parents ‘reclaim’ children in Haiti abduction-adoption row

The 33 infants and children that an American Christian group tried to smuggle out of quake-hit Haiti are being reunited with their families, the US-based aid group now caring for them said Tuesday.

The children were picked up last week by members of an Idaho-based Baptist group called New Life Children’s Refuge who tried to take them across the border to the Dominican Republic where they planned to establish an orphanage.

But some of the children are not orphans at all.

“The parents now are coming to the village to reclaim their children,” Heather Paul, the CEO of SOS Children’s Villages USA, told NBC’s “Today Show”. “We already hear that many are saying that we have parents.”

Police seized five men and five women with US passports, as well as two Haitians, as they tried late Friday to cross into the neighboring Dominican Republic with the children aged between two months and 14 years.
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Asked for a Divorce

Every time we have a fight same thing, same old bald guy I see. I think I got the wrong message when I decided to marry him. I only filed 3 months leave of absence from my work when I came here. He wanted me to resign right away but I told him I’ll just take a leave and made him promise that if ever we fight and gotten worst just return me to my home. The couple of weeks since I arrived in US we already had big fight, and during that month we had one huge fight that made me packed my things and called my sister for a ticket. He begged and asked for another chance. I went for a walk and thought about it and at the same time worried about my baby because I was a month pregnant then. After our fight he showed changes but not for long. We had countless of fights and many times in those fights I begged him to buy me a ticket back home. He broke his promise many times and hurt me emotionally countless of times. Now we have two children and he is still the selfish, bastard, jerk and childish person. He does not want me to leave and won’t let me go. I had enough of his yelling attitudes, swearing, greedy, and selfish. It hurts me when he yells at my kids every time he nap at the couch and woke him up from their noises. Knock! Knock! Helloooooo they are kids, in fact they are still baby grow up jerk! It’s tiring on my part that I watch my kids all day, do stuff around and more and not even bothers to take us out. I work hard on blogging to earn money because I don’t like to ask, but even the small amount I earned he asked half of it. Well last year he took all of it every month and just handed me $20. I save my money so I could buy things I like including food I want. The most pathetic part of all, every time we fight he changes our computer password so I can’t used it and said that every thing in our house are all his including me. How nice of a husband is that? I know I have shortcoming too and bad sides but not as devil-ish as he is. It’s too late for me to found this kind of attitude. I really do not know if there is some hope for this bald guy to be at least considerate, and act like human being. Now, she asked for a divorce he refuses to talk. Do not know if divorce will be answer to the problem.

Lindsay Lohan’s Water Weight In 2010

The newly bronzed tangerine, Lindsay Lohan shopped her way through St. Barts this weekend, and let’s just say, the bikini bod from Thursday and the urban street wear Lindz and glammed-up Loca Lohan from yesterday, just don’t seem to line up.

The 23-year-old actress, who is reportedly visiting the celebrity paradise with her new boyfie, Adam Senn, is obviously eating her way into the new year. We can understand tho, girlfriend, New Year’s Resolutions don’t start until, well they started yesterday. So hopefully you’re already starting to shed that water bloat that we’re detecting or perhaps you have some baby news to share with the class? Let us know!