How’s the weather in your area guys? Ours here still little bit of snow shower and 5 inches of snow on the ground. Husband had been putting salt in our porch, stair and side walk. He shoveled some snow on the side of our road too and snow that covered his car. Winter is really a suckishly time of the year. You can’t do lots of things. I can’t even do exercise inside because I feel cold. I just want to curl up in the couch and watch TV or sit in front of the computer with blanket sometimes while doing some blogging. The more we get love handles in this kind of weather. Every day I feel like I’m getting fatter and fatter as I don’t motivation to exercise added with the cold weather and the food craving because of the weather also. I’m sure lots of people not just me struggling with their weights. I think still not going to work even if we will stick to our diet if the exercise is not consistent. One option I guess with our over weight problem is weight loss surgery which I heard lap-band kingwood is offering right now. I just hope this weather will be over soon so we can go back to our routine exercise and burn this excess fat.