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PMB, Bisdak and Facebook Awesome

It takes more facial muscles to frown than it does to smile. So if you want to save money on buying anti wrinkle cream then, turn the frown up side down. I found this one online which I think give me more reason to keep smiling.

It takes 37 muscles to frown. And 22 muscles to smile. So smile. It conserves energy.source:snopes

Thank God there is PMB group in Facebook which makes me laugh in front of the computer, And if the people in PMB group is busy, there is the group in Bisdak. Both this group page are in Facebook. Aside from the funny conversation in facebook, I also enjoyed playing Frontierville. Although, I started to stay away from it because I became addicted again. PMB and Bisdak group in Facebook are both awesome. It makes me smile everyday.

Happy To See My Childhood Friend

Thanks to Facebook and the person who created this popular social media. One of my childhood friend just recently added me to her facebook friends. It’s amazing how facebook bring family and old friends together. No wonder there lots of people got addicted with facebook. Anyway, I was surprised to see my friend face. No offend but she looks older in her picture. We both have the same age but my wrinkle doesn’t look that obvious. I never used anything on face not even best wrinkle creams for I have no reason to apply something on my face for now but maybe in the future I will. I think financial problems and stress is one of the main reason for all this wrinkles. Moreover, I was shocked to find out that she got married and became widow twice. She also had two kids from each married. I met the eldest because she put in the list as God mother. Goo d to know though that she is doing okay and I was happy to see her online.