Thankful for My Mother on Mother’s Day

I am so thankful for my mother for everything she has done to us, for raising us,loving us unconditionally, taking care of us since birth until we were ready to face the world, sending us to school for us to have a good education and for being there all the time. Thank you for being our mother.

Thank you for your love throughout the years.
Happiness comes slowly, day by day.
All you and Dad have given me remains,
Not distant from the wellspring of my tears.
Kindnesses can never go away.
Your love has been my rock, despite the strains
On all of us as separation nears.
Under your roof, my love will always stay.

Mother’s Day Poem
Christian Verse
By Lachelle B. Ransom

Mothers are special people
God knew that from the start
That’s why he created them in His own image and to them gave the biggest heart.
She’s able to heal our hurts with only a kiss and hug
She’s able to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is never slow as a slug.
Mothers are special people
God knew they’d always be
He created them to do so much that involves you and me.
She has to be a teacher to teach us what we need to know
She has to be a taxi driver to get us where we need to go.
Mothers are special people
God knew His work was complete
When He created someone that could do SOOO much on her own two feet.
She is a Christian on Him she depends
She displays the fruit of the Spirit and a helping hand she is willing to lend.
Mothers are special people
God tells me so each day

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