Dreams and Fantasies

Dream define as a series of thoughts, image, or emotions occuring during sleep or An experience of waking life having the characteristics of a dream: as (a): a visionary creation of the imagination; DAYDREAM, (b): a state of mind marked by abstraction or release from reality; REVERIE (c): an object seen in a dreamlike sate; VISION. Something notable for its beauty, excellence, or enjoyable quality, a strongly desired goal or purpose or something that fully satisfies a wish.
We wish that we can interpret the dreams we had, sometimes when we woke up in the morning we forget some of them. Last night I had this gross dream that I’m in the bathroom to deficate,but the toilet bowl was full of poop as in big ones and Irun the water to flush it those poop turn like a frog covered with poop and start hopping out from the toilet bowl, it was so disgusting dream lol. I heard from older people in our place like if you dream of poop it means money hmmm so if that is money i wouldn’t mind dreaming such gross yucky poop every night. Dream and fantasies are both healthy and normal. I read that some expectant woman dream a lot during their last trimester and it help them to sort out worries and fears in a nonthreatening way. I dream a lot of things the first time I was pregnant with my jake. It was normal as a first time mother we were scared with a lot of things about motherhood, it can express the fear of not being adequate to the task of motherhood. Another dream like being trapped in a tunnel, a car, a small room; drowning in a pool, a lake of snowy sluch, a car wash-can signify the fear of being tied down and deprived of freedom by the baby. Know the meaning of your dreams,its fun though its weird and scary sometimes.

Resources, Widget, Icons

Dropping Entrecard is like we are on tour around the world. It brings us to different blogs in the blogosphere, meet different people and learn things like life and stuff from their blogs. When I was doing my daily drops I came accross quiet a few of blogs which has recent Comments, Top commentator, U Comment I Follow and I wonder how did they put that in their blog, where did they get the widget for that. I click one of them and it leads me to where I can get a widget using their widget installer. If you want to have that in your blog go to this site Blogger Widget or you can click the one in my side bar. For those who wants to have a Google PageRank Checker icon go to the site above. However, I envy some bloggers in this blogland who are so experienced and knowledgeable in blog layout designs, photographs, and screen shot. Since I start blogging I learn a few on how to copy pics from photobucket or any images site and Im sure you all know that better than me. One thing that made me curious to know is making a screen shot, I asked a very good friend of mine about it and she told but my little mind find it hard to grasp. So again when I was dropping the other day I read one blogger’s post about screen shot. I tried taking a screen shot of my other blog layout and it works. I want to share this info. to all especially the newbie like me. For better explaination and instruction click this site How to Make a Screenshot

Hope you find this information useful. I am still eager to learn how to make blog layout design. somebody pleasssseee teach me. (smile).

Have a nice weekend people and enjoy blogging.

Managing my Blog

Life is kind of busy at this moment I am managing this new blog of mine. Thanks again to momgen for the layout and to my sister jijie for the domain. I am still adding some stuff, widgets, and links of my blog buddies and friends I met online. I am working on the entrecard widget also so that this blog will gain visitors, readers and hopefully some sort of ranks waaaaaa. I’m gonna try to look for other resources on how to generate more traffic to my blog. I already had few of them in my other blog but it seems like its not showing any improvement yet. I’m thankful I have found nice people and met friends who always visited my blog. Thank you all guys, nothing change I’m still going to visit your awesome blog everyday. If anyone would like to exchange links with me, please feel free to ask me or add my links and tell me so that I could add yours. I would love to exchange links with you all guys, and I would appreciate it a lot if you add my links too.