Holy Week

Holy Week includes the final week of Lent and part of the Paschal Triduum. Holy Week runs from Palm Sunday through Holy Saturday, and also includes Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. It falls in late March, or April. In 2009, Holy Week runs from April 5 – April 11. Holy Week culminates with all the solemn observance of Christian and pagan rituals. The practice is nationwide and has varying undertones of religious significance that is both moving and touching in its entirety. There are countless “Cenaculos” and “Pabasas” reciting and reenacting the passion and death of Jesus Christ in traditionally written verse form and dramatized version of the original sacrifice two thousand years ago.

Basic Facts About Holy Week

Liturgical Color(s): Violet (Purple); various
Type of Holiday: Fast
Time of Year: The Last Week of Lent Before Easter Sunday
Duration: Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday
Celebrates/Symbolizes: Various Final Events of Jesus’ Life
Alternate Names: hebdomada major
Scriptural References: Matthew 21, 26-27; Mark 11, 14-15; Luke 19, 22-23; John 13, 16-19.
Even if we are far from our own homeland, we can still observe the holy week in our own way. Say our own prayer, go to church and commemorates the events of christ’s final days and passion. Obviously, Christ’s institution of the Eucharist and his passion and death are important in many ways, especially in terms of their importance in the reconciliation of God and humanity. Happy Holy Week everyone!

Spring Beauty

Congratulations! guys you survive the winter, Spring is here not that cold anymore that we have to hibernate. Even though it’s kind of cooler this week but will get nicer soon. Last sunday the weather was awesome we love it,it felt like summer. We had a walk as in long walk for like 3 miles. I took some pictures of this flowers we passed by on our way to the park. Flowers makes our world colorful, these are one nice things to see on spring. Isn’t that neat, even wild flowers it gives beauty to our surroundings. Soon this trees will start budding and we can see green leaves on the trees. My favorite flowers on spring is the tulips. I love the cherry blossoms flowers too. How about you, what do you like?

Sister in Dubai

A lot of people coming from a third world country are now working abroad to have a better life for their family. One of them is my sister weng. She almost 2 months now in Dubai. The place we came from is not that bad, in fact its a nice place to live. But due to economy crisis hard to get a job which compensate your hardwork. Even those college graduate you can’t expect to land a decent job right away after you graduate which is related to your course. I had a great stable job in the philippines but I married a wonderful man from the US so had to give up my career and moved here. My sister finished college but she finds it hard to get a good well paid job. She worked different company there as a secretary both in Cagayan and Cebu city and still not enough to support her needs. She decided to work abroad(dubai) so that she’ll be able to help out our parents and at the same time save money in the future when she thinks of settling down. She is not totally feeling homesick where she is right now coz there are tons of pinoys working there too. Some people in Dubai wondering if there are still filipino in the philippines because of the numbers of filipinos working in dubai. Filipinos are hard working people, they are everywhere in the world. Good luck sistah and to all of my kababayan.