It’s I, me, myself and Sheila!!! But you can call me tsang or shydub. A proud pinay mommy and wife living in a US with my wonderful family, which includes our baby Jake and my totally hot and sexy hubby…, Oppsss! and another baby on the way of course. I’m a teacher by profession and a trying hard super mom.:)

This is my own place where I can express my thoughts, rambling, rants and even my insanity about daily lives and experiences. My meditation and musing, anything and everything under the sun. There are times in our life that we feel so alone and lonely even though we know there is no reason to feel one. A time when I think of something beyond reach, explore my thoughts and things around me and dream of everything hard to achieve. In my own place I am the boss here, I can do whatever I want by expressing it out through writings. In my solitude I like to be alone, close my eyes and thinks of everything but nothing. In other words I can express here the weird side of me. In my serenity I just love to feel the peaceful noise of nothing and meditate in the darkness. It’s my place, my palace, my dungeon, my corner and my very own spot. You can read it here the subjects I want to talk and share in my own simple words. Seat back and relax, enjoy your moments while I am enjoying mine.
Thank you for the visit I hope you enjoy your stay. Please come back soon. See yah!!!:-)