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Birthday Foodies

I prepared three types of food on Justine’s birthday. I am not a cook, but I do try to make it right. It’s a shame that I can only prepared simple dish for my daughter’s birthday.

I bought a sweet rice the last time I shop at Filipino store online. So, I decided to cooked and it came out really good. Too bad I was the only one had to finished it up because my people don’t like it.

We invited someone on Justine’s birthday so I told husband to buy a bucket of KFC. Too bad that visitor did not consider as good friend otherwise they would have stopped by at our house. Party advice though, if someone invited you to a party instead of making lies and alibis, it would help on the host or hostess part to at least say it straight that you couldn’t come.

I also prepared lumpia shanghai for my visitor. And the last but not the least pancit for long life. Pancit is a dish that always present in every Filipino celebration.

These are just simple dish but they’re good. We got lots of left overs so when my MIL visited us the next day, she able to taste some of my simple home cooking food.

FTF – Birthday Cake

As usual my entry is not late but very very late again LOL. I got addicted to the Like and twit opportunity at Microworkers and I forgot to post my Food Trip Friday. Anyway, here is my entry my son’s ice cream cake during his 3rd birthday last Friday. Happy weekend ya’ll.