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Never miss a show

Because I run after my toddlers every day, I oftentimes miss scenes from my favorite shows if not the entire show itself. Another reason is, the kids wants to watch their favorite cartoons all day long and I always missed those shows I already planned of watching. I hate it when I go away for a couple of minutes and just miss the crucial portion of the entire episode. I’m thinking of getting a Satellite TV that gives me the opportunity to watch more shows on HD.

But then again my first priority of course is taking care of my kids. I may hate that I miss my shows but as soon as I hear my children call for me, I’d leave anything I’m doing in a heartbeat. This is why I’m trying to convince my husband to get a Direct TV for us. With this service I can just record what I want to watch and when the kids are asleep, catch up on the shows and I’m guaranteed not to miss a single scene. Satellite TV has been popular lately, and most packages now come with lots of HD channels so I’m not just guaranteed of watching my shows but in great quality too.

Enjoy Free HD for Life

When television was invented there were only few channels that are available to watch. As a matter of fact we only have one or two channels we can access with our black and white TV and one of them was a foreign karate series that didn’t have any sub titles but we enjoyed watching it. Thus, watching Television has become every family’s favorite pastime since then. Later on television programming had evolved and more channels were offered from different cable or satellite services. You can now watch and enjoy free HD from Direct TV by local tv satellite as they offered special packages for as low as $29.99/month for 12 months. In their Choice package you can watch the basic entertainment and able to access 45 HD channels. Visit www.localtv-satellite.com for Direct TV packages, great deals and fantastic offers. If you love sports then Direct TV has it all for you including more movies, local channels, HD and 3D for your TV dollar. Football season will start soon and you don’t want to miss out any of your favorite team’s game. There are also lots of nice movies out on cinema, latest TV series and you can watch them all with Direct TV. Check out localtv-satellite.com as partner with Direct Sat TV; the #1 satellite provider in the country and enjoy free HD for life. What are you waiting for?

Bonding with Sponge Bob Square Pants

Guest post written by my buddy Hans Hale

It may sound odd, but one of the shows my family always watches is Sponge Bob Square Pants on Nickelodeon. My youngest son and I always make sure to watch the newest episodes of Sponge Bob on the best direct tv packages in Kentucky. It’s one of the quirkiest, cutest, and most hilarious programs available to young kids. I absolutely adore it and know my kids do too!

Because my son loves this program, we always try to schedule time to watch it throughout the week. I also use the program as a reward for my son’s progress in school. For example, if my son gets a good grade on an exam at school then I will let him stay up late and watch a couple re-runs of “Sponge Bob Square Pants” with me. My son always tries to do his best in school now, because he has such a great incentive in addition to the incentive of just getting good grades. I like to see that he tries harder in school for a show that I think is great for kids.

Through this show, I know my son has learned some great skills in life, such as being kind to others and even animals. He is more compassionate with others. I look at this show as a great aid in his social development, as well as great bonding time for us!