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Life in the US is not as easy as we thought. Everything requires money and time. Everything is expensive including hair cut and manicure/pedicure. When I arrived in this country I always pity myself for not having a nice, and well polished nails. I didn’t even have a good nail clippers before to cut my toenails and I was having problem with my ingrown. I cried many time for pain and pity back then. So, when i get the chance to buy the stuff I needed for cleaning as i don’t like putting colored nail polished by myself, I just prefer cleaning my toes.

So, here I am folks doing my own toes to save money. It’s a pain in the neck doing all this stuff by yourself. Well, i was happy with the result in cleaning my big fat toes and feet. It look decent now, not ginger feet anymore hehehe. I so miss the pamper i could get in the Philippines. It’s cheap and very neat plus a little massage as well.

DIY Haircut

The cost for hair cut here in the US is very expensive. You have to pay $20 plus tip. Recently, we tried to do it on our own. I gave my husband a buzz cut then gave my son a buzz cut too. It came out pretty good so we decided that from now own we just do the hair cut on our own. It saves time and money. And beside my husband’s hair is getting bald, I am not sure if there is any treatment solution that prevent hair loss so he won’t get bald totally. Anyhow, I also cut or trimmed my own hair yesterday. This was my second time to cut my own hair. But this time I think I messed up a little because they don’t look level to me. I am not worried about it though because it will still grow and my hair is long so it didn’t look so obvious.