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Getting Back In Shape

Getting back in Shape with Workout and Hulahoop

Gaining weight is as easy as 123 but losing weight is as hard as climbing the Mt. Everest. Honestly, I wasn’t too concern with gaining weight until I experienced occasional wheezing and catching my breath a lot of times. Plus, I don’t have any clothes to wear because most of my jeans won’t fit on me anymore and the blouse, I look gross with the belly fat hanging out. I am not that fat, am I? I gained 17 lbs in the past three month and been doing my workout for couple weeks and lost 2 lbs. Imagined that, all that workout from Jillian DVDs and cardio hip-hop is quiet tiring enough but I only lost 2 lbs. I set my mind not to get discourage and keep doing my workout. I have to get the worth of the DVDs, dumbbell, exercise mat and this hula hoop that I bought online. Doing hula hoop perhaps will shape my body I hope hula hoop hope so LOL. Am thinking of taking a walk too as suggested by my doctor.

Watery Wednesday – Gym Friends

My friends in the gym back in 2005. Taken in Basdako, Moalboal

Some of you maybe wondering if these people really went to the gym and you probably wondering what they do in the gym. Well, instead of doing some lifting, set ups, aerobics and alike they do other stuff instead. Me and one of this ladies were lucky to be small so even if we ate a bunch after workout, still not obvious if we gain weight. aside from eating, chatting were one of the activities we did which was not part of our program.

There was a funny story in this weekend getaway though. I was signed up that weekend to proctor the Napolcom exam but unfortunately, that night after gym time we went straight to the South and traveled two hours. The next morning the other proctor who was my partner asked the head of our school about me and they texted me where I was. Good thing I had an assistant who took over and watch the exam. I still able to proctor other Napolcom examination test and civil service exam despite of the fact that I screwed up. These girls were laughing with my actions but I wasn’t worried a bit because the fun I had during this moment was priceless.

When the gym we used to go to transferred to different location, we decided to enroll in other gym that is closer to our work. But some of these girls went abroad, stopped going to the gym and got busy with work and other stuff. Me and the other buffy girl in front seeing each other in that other gym we went to.

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Recumbent bike

Bicycle riding is one of the good exercise that many people have been doing for years. We used the original kind which is the bicycle that has two wheels and then came a unicycle which mostly used my young kids. They provide the same joy and exercise benefits. Now, here comes Recumbent Trike that has the three wheels and maneuvers differently from the traditional uprights. TerraTrike brand recumbent bike gives you the recumbent comfort as your body weight be able to spread over a much larger area than on a conventional bike. Many reasons why most Americans switch to recumbent trike. It also have many benefits in using recumbent bike such as clean, simple, and have sporty designs. It has under-seat steering hand position means no more aching wrists and arms. There are more benefits you could get in using Terra Trike brand recumbent bike. Visit their website and learn more information about the product. Buy your own TerraTrike Rover and have fun bicycling before winter gets here. You can see their testimonial or perhaps watch the video on top. You will enjoy this new and innovative, comfortable, and earth friendly human power vehicle. Check it out now!