A drip of water to avoid frozen water pipe

It’s been a while since I participate watery Wednesday. This is my entry for this week. We’ve been leaking our faucet every night so we won’t wake up with frozen water pipes. The weather temperature can be tricky especially this winter. It always go below 20 during night time but there are times though that it won’t. Like i said it can be tricky and unpredictable so we have to make sure because we already had frozen pipes few weeks ago. We had to call the management to sent someone to fix at and unfroze the water pipes. The odds of unfreezing this water pipes is, if they blows up it could break the water pipe. The last couple rented this house had to moved out because of this problem. They also had frozen water pipes when they were still living here that damage the water pipes and cause water flooding all over the place. When we moved this place, there was part of the ceiling in our kitchen that was open due to the water from the bathroom. Winter really sucks, hate it, never liked it, and will never like it ever.

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