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A little bedside table organization

Guest post written by Natalie Peacock

Every time that my boyfriend comes over to my house he makes a little comment about how messy my bedside table is, but I guess that he does have a very good point because any time that I want to look at the time on my alarm clock I have to move stuff and papers around.

I’m making it a project for myself to try and come up with a better way to organize my stuff on it this weekend or either just go all out and buy a bedside table with more surface area on it. I’ve already been looking at a few online with my Wireless internet.

But I’m going to try and make a really big effort this weekend to clear off all of that stuff and find places for most of the stuff that’s on top of that table. I have all kinds of overdue library books there actually and probably spent as much money on that as a hardback book in itself. That’s just even more motivation to clean off that table.

Movies With The Kids For New Year’s Eve

Contribution by Odis Chan

What are you planning to do for New Year’s Eve? I know what I am going to do. We are taking the kids to see a movie. They like to do things to celebrate just like I do so we have made this one of our traditions. I know, some of my friends are going to go out for dinner and dancing, but that has never been something that I enjoyed all that much, so we will be entertaining the kids.

I’m glad I married a man that shared my love for family time together. He makes this kind of celebration so much better because he always finds some way to make us laugh. I know he will remind me to set the home security alarm from MORE INFO before we leave because I always forget. I’m glad he does too, because I wouldn’t have as much fun if I had to worry about the house.

I don’t really know what movie we will be seeing because the kids are keeping it a secret from me. Sure, Dad knows but they always like to surprise me if they can. I saw one advertised the other day that really got the kid attention so that may be what they are expecting to see, but I will have to wait and see because they won’t tell me.

Watching Satellite Television with my Children

Guest post written by Arnoldo Acevedo

My family and I spend a lot of time in front of the television especially since I work from home. I have three children who are always fighting over who gets to watch what on my satellite television from www.expertsatellite.com/. It had gotten so bad that I had to start setting times for each one of them to watch their favorite programs, and make room to watch my programs as well.

Some of my children’s favorite programs include nickelodeon and the Disney channel. They like to watch programs such as Degrassi, sweet life on deck, Spongebob, Mr. Knuckles, and Hannah Montana, I enjoy lifetime more than anything. Lifetime is the channel for women and they always have the best movies, movies that women can enjoy.

I also enjoy watching Reba which comes on everynight at seven. I can’t say I get to enjoy my shows in peace because of my children, who enjoy keeping up noise while mommy is watching television. Once the children are in bed for the night, I like to get me a snack and a glass of wine and enjoy my satellite television in peace and quiet. Sometimes I get so caught up in the movies that I end up being awake, watching television half the night. It may sound strange but I have always enjoyed watching Spongebob on nickelodeon as well. Now, my children and I can enjoy it together.