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Carpet Cleaning and Beyond

Every time I see commercial on TV about carpet cleaning, it made wish to have a clean carpet. I vacuum our carpet almost every day and still I can’t get it clean the way it should suppose to be. I guess only carpet steam cleaner austin can help me with our filthy carpet since they’re the only one knows how to handle this kind of carpet problem. To achieve the total clean and restore the look of your carpet, you can contact expert cleaner from The Steam Team. This company is the number one choice for carpet cleaning in Austin and Dallas, Texas. You can trust the expertise in deep carpet cleaner austin and surely get satisfied with their services.

When weather changes, the humid air may cause risk to your health. Hence, the steam team service dehumidifiers austin to ensure that the level of humidity in your house won’t risk any health problem. The Steam Team is not only good in carpet cleaning and restoration thus they are also the best in cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential flooring, upholstery, air ducting, tile, much more and beyond. They have over two decades of experience in this field and also specializes in restoration, from water extraction to smoke and fire damage restoration. If you need help to every problem mentioned, call The Steam Team.

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Cleaning and Restoration Services

The life of a stay at home mom and/ or wife is all around. It is a multi-tasking job and responsibility that a housewife/mom routinely does everyday. Doing chores and running errands around is harder than ever with a pint-size explorers in tow. You can’t hardly get a time for yourself because you spent most of your time keeping the place clean. I’m glad my husband helps me clean the kitchen and do dishes once in a while.

Most houses built here in the US have carpet flooring. We have carpeted floor in most part of the house that we are living in right now. Vacuuming the carpet is a pain in the neck. You don’t get the tidiest and germ free cleaning you’ve ever wanted to have. Apparently a vacuum cleaner is not as effective as professional carpet cleaning services austin, Texas have provided to most household in the area. The Steam Team is the number one choice for carpet cleaning in Austin and Dallas, Texas. You can also hire their services for a lot of different job including natural odor removal austin. And if you have problem with your old furniture then, feel free to contact professional furniture cleaning austin. They can help you with almost every cleaning job you need with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

The picture below is our ceiling that got damage during the snowstorm last winter. Until now still not fixed. The management had sent over insurance company to checked the damage area. But until now they still haven’t fix it yet. Seriously, what they need to have this problem fix is hire the repair water damaged ceiling austin which I’m pretty sure can fix and do great job in no time. The Steam Team also specializes in restoration, from water extraction to smoke and fire damage restoration. This is the suitable team that provide quality job we need in our house. Winter is approaching and I just hope it is not as bad as last year. We don’t want to see additional damages to our house even if we are just renting it.

Damage ceiling from Snowstorm

Man Job

My husband always have this annoying and yet funny remarks every time he does some job and chores. It was annoying on my part hearing from him all the time saying the phrase it’s a man job. It was funny in some way because he did not just to make fun and annoyed me. Like when he bought furnace filters to replace the furnace in the basement to keep it clean, I asked what that was for. Instead of giving me a serious answer, he would say it’s a man think and have to do the man job. It was funny at first but i got annoyed listening with the phase “I’m a man” or “It’s a Man Job”. No more man job now days because woman can also do what man can do except for personal business like go number 1. Disregard my last sentence folks I was just kidding.