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Memory Lane Monday | College Life

Better late than never. Monday is no doubt the manic day of the week and sometimes we forgot some other things especially in blogging as it is the least of our priorities. Family has to come first. Anyway, I am late and I’m still posting my entry for Monday meme. The theme for this week is about college life. I asked my sister to look for some old photos back home and glad she was online.

Camiguin Trip - Cagayan De Oro College

I have a few photos in College. I spent my first semester in University of Cebu taking computer science as my first choice course. I got lonely and decided to transferred to Cagayan De Oro College and switched to Bachelor in Elementary Education. The picture above was one of the field trips that i only experienced in COC. I spent my first and second year in college at COC with some of my high school friends. That was the main reason though why I transferred to Cagayan De Oro College as I never had friends in Cebu City plus the I find most of the people there unfriendly. That was my first impression but eventually I found new friends when I transferred back to Cebu City and enrolled myself in another university.
Community Outreach Program | Talamban, Cebu City

I went to University of the Visayas and spent my third and fourth year college life. I am more comfortable in this school and I also took Physical Education as my subject of specialization. It was pure fun and less pressure. I never experienced field trips and excursion in Cebu City. During my last semester in college, a community outreach was part of the reuirement for graduating students. So, we went to Talamban where a community of some hearing impaired and had candle making demonstration.
UV - PE Major | Class '98

A group picture of PE major graduating students together with our instructors.
BEED Batch '98 - University of the Visayas

A class picture of BEEd grad students class 1998 – University of the Visayas, Cebu City.

College life is just another chapter of our lives before taking the big challenges in life. Of course after college you also deserved to have some fun before starting a new journey. Some of us would pick to travel abroad and enjoy the holiday where you can experience amazing adventures and fun filled vacation. As for me, I went with one of my college friends and spent a week vacation to their farm. That experienced wasn’t pleasant but i considered it a memorable one.

There you go, my college life and pictures. It was fun reminiscing the good ‘ol days. Join and share your happy journey with us.

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Memory Lane Monday | The baby or Youngest in Our Family

Expect a late entry if it’s Monday because my world is always gonna be out of proportion. It’s Manic Monday and time to play the Memory Lane Monday. I’d like to invite everyone to join and if you feel like hosting, then let the host know about it.

The Baby or youngest in our family is none other than the super amazing Justine. For Jake, Justine arrived as his rival and competition to all the attention. Jake was 17 months old when I got pregnant with Justine. He wasn’t happy when he first saw her in the hospital and every time he get’s in trouble, he takes it on Justine.

My Little Miss as a New Born

But this 2 year and six months old little Miss learned how to fight back. She is the youngest but sometime she acts like she is the eldest and knows lot of things. I guess there is an advantage of being a second child. You learn quicker and you have older sibling to look up to.
30 Months Old Justine

In her last doctor’s appointment last week, the doctor complimented her and said that she acts and thinks like a three year old already. She is more advance in verbal skills and she is sure a handful.

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A Collection of Red + Berries

First off, I’m linking this post to Ruby Tuesday and ABC Wednesday Round 10.

As you can see most of the images had got to do with Christmas. Yes, during Christmas we see gifts, nutcracker, poinsettia and more. And red is a Christmas color so you’ll see a lot of it on that certain occasion.

This is what the Phipps Conservatory Garden looks like in the entrance side.  Since it’s winter this wild berries will also make a good decoration, but this will turn into a bushes when spring come.  Right now the leaves had already fell off its stems because of the freezing cold weather.
Here is a closer look to all that berries.
And of course the Christmas presents in the sleigh.
Nutcracker. Always part of the Christmas icon and decorations.
Then the flowers especially the poinsettia.  I love the color red of the poinsettia.