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Shadow shot Sunday | Lucky Bamboo

It’s hard to find a shadow in this kind of weather where the sun is always hiding. Good thing I took picture of this lucky bamboo.
Lucky Bamboo

My daughter had been picking the stem and new baby stem of my lucky bamboo plant. I caught her when she picked this newly bloomed baby stem. I placed it in a jar at first and after few days I noticed roots started sprouting from the roots. So i transferred it to this small vase and put stone in it. According to the beliefs about number of bamboo symbol that 1 stalk of Lucky Bamboo means good fortune.

Food Trip Friday | Sweets Stuff

Peach Shape Cookie

When my sister and her husband visited here in Pittsburgh last month, they also attended a wedding. Her husband collected all the different kind of cookies serve at the reception and brought it home to us the next day. All these sweets stuff looks tempting and even if you’re on diet, you would never refused to try this out.
Mixed Cookies and pastries at the Wedding Reception