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Food Trip Friday | Blue Berry Mini Muffin

Blue Berry Mini Muffin

Muffin anyone?

Bought this pack of home baked blue berry mini muffin at Costco at very cheap price. It’s a good alternative snacks for kids and since it’s mini they sure won’t waste it. One strategy to a picky eater toddlers is to change their menu every now and then. They get tired eating the same food all the time even if it’s their favorite food. You have to add other colorful food or appetizer to their menu like fruits, apple sauce or whatever healthy food you could think. The mini-muffin is just one of them that the kids would love to eat.

Good to be back in FTF again. I’m like mushroom actually now I see now I don’t. Thanks to the host anyway for keeping the meme stronger and bigger.

Watery Wednesday | News Paper

Daily News Paper, Pittsburgh

How often do you read your local news paper? I remembered when we still living in a small apartment and some renters especially the older ones who live in that place had subscribe to the Post Gazette so they get news paper daily. Every time my husband stayed outside to smoke he always came back with news paper in his hand and he said he got it outside. Those people forgot to get their newspaper, and when my husband done reading he put it back where he took it. Subscribing to a daily news paper is additional expenses. In order to save share subscription with a neighbor or friend.