The Ring!! I have quiet a few things that I considered special. I love my Smartphone, my netbook, my camera, class ring, my neck lace and more. I value my personal stuff no matter how old they may be. But there is limitation on how I value my personal stuff. I easily give up of personal and valuable stuff if it affects something like plans, or something important. I have given up so many things in my life and I tired not to regret every decision I made.

My DSLR Camera - Fruit of Blogging

Anyway, I have this ring that worth almost 4,000 pesos. I did not bought that ring in any jewelry shop but ordered it from a friend who designed ring and other jewelry. It was a 14k gold ring. I already pawned that ring twice when I was desperately in need of money.

When I flew to US, I thought Joe would give me another ring as he promised that to me. So, i let my sister hold my ring and gave it to her my bracelet too. I also trying to avoid any discussion or jealousy perhaps about that ring so i came here with my college ring and neck lace jewelry only. I miss my ring and since my sister went to Kuwait, I asked her back my ring. Call me bad sister but I can’t let go of that ring. It reminded me of my work before and how I was.