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Pig Out | Hawaiian Pizza and Jerky

Pizza anyone?

Hawaiian Pizza

I miss eating hawaiin pizza so even if the husband don’t eat this sort of pizza toppings he still bought it for me. He ordered out a steak hoagie at pizza Amier and I ordered this Hawaiin pizza.
Hawaiin Pizza | Jerky | Fish Sticks

It’s a small size but I did not finished all of it. The next day I added jerky on the toppings and fish sticks as well. I like to pig out with all sorts of food sometimes. It taste good mixing different flavor of food into your mouth.

FTF – Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza from Vocelli

Pizza anyone? This is what we had today as hubby and I both tired fixing food for dinner.

I want to thank the host and blog owner of Food Trip Friday Willa for the beautiful gift. We got hooked up with the mug and other goodies of PayU2Blog and now FTF mug is on the web. Thank you so much sis.