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Nostalgia – One studio type apartment to House

It was May 24th when I arrived here in the US of A. Then got married at the end of that month. It’s been like four years already and I still can’t convince myself to love and embrace life in America. Part of me still wanting to go back home and maybe apply again for teaching position. But every time I think about how I messed up my service record and my profession back home I instantly feel a self pity.

This is my entry for Nostalgia this week. It’s really good to be back although I’d probably not able to visit ya’ll back because we’ve been busy moving. Finally, one of our dream came true and that is to own a house.

Couple of Months pregnant with Jake

I was aware when I came here in the US that my husband’s apartment was small, but I did not expect that it would be too small for both of us.
She Bangs!

Then, my husband wanted to protect me from the world and did not bother to make a duplicate copy of the key. For three to 6 months since I arrived in the country I stayed in this single room apartment and all i see was the cleft at the small window at the back. He also covered the bigger window with towel and put a masking tape in all sides. I felt like I was Rapunzel back then so no one can see me. Well, that did not work out on me so I frequently remind me that I used to have a great life back home and of course constant fight.
She Bangs!

When Jake arrived we decided to look for bigger place. Then I got pregnant with Justine and decided to find a bigger place. Now that my dragons are bigger we decided to buy our own house. If I recall from the moment I step foot in Joe’s apartment to now, I see lots of changes not just for the house, our life but as well as Joe’s attitude..

Send Flowers to Your Wife

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