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Semi-SLR is good enough

Digital SLR

Once upon a time I dreamed to own a Digital SLR but that dream vanished when I bought a Fujifilm semi-SLR from Dhemz. This semi-SLR is good enough to enjoy my passion in photography. I found affordable digital cameras at Buy.com. I was thinking of buying a small camera because the one that I am using right now is started to show its age. I don’t know anything about camera aside from zooming in and zooming out then click. I have taken few pictures using the new camera but haven’t got the chance to upload it on the computer yet. I love photography but seems like photography doesn’t like me. I am still learning the different buttons and functions in my new camera that I bought from Dhemz. I probably have a tutorial from her since she is an expert in cameras and photography.

Picture below was Dhemz old camera that I bought. Sorry tsang I borrowed the picture from your blog without asking permission, I’ll return it later. heheheheh

image: www.gregdemcy.net

iPhone Development

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