I got this lovely “Kreativ Blogger Award” from Katherine of iTravel and decided to post it in this blog since I already had this in my other blog.Thanks a million Kat, so sweet of you to include me in your long list of awardees. She owns 3 blogs; Mom’s Place, iTravel, and Sparks of Wisdom just head over to any of her blogs and relax while having fun reading all her interesting post and learn something from it.


To accept this award do the following:

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4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
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7 Things That You May Find Interesting About Us:-)
1. We all lazy to do our chores when were little that’s why we always get in trouble.
2. My youngest sissy and I don’t like wearing make ups while my two other sistah like putting make ups on their face.
3. Even if I’m the eldest, I don’t act like one sometimes.
4. Every time we fought before I always used my fist to get back at them.
5. Two of my sisters are so addict reading tagalog pocketbooks, its their pastime even if they missed meals.
6. We said nasty words when we fight.
7. My youngest sister and I never been drunk no matter how hard our drinks(tanduay,gilbys,etc) while jiji and weng got drunk so quick in just few glasses of beer.

Okidok, done!!! hehehe Now I want to pass this award to;
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Grab the awards ladies and tell us something about yah.