It’s been a while since the last time I called my family back home. We don’t have land line yet and calling to the Philippines on cell phone is very expensive. We used calling card every time we make a call to them so that we can monitor how much had taken to our minutes otherwise we get charge if we over used our minutes. We are still looking for a good plan for a land line phone that we could save at the same time get a good connection. I stumbled online this new market communication called IP PBX phone systems. It is a software-based phone system that combines the latest in voice and data technology and customizable with any voice applications. It includes the latest IP phones and call loggers that integrate seamlessly with your PC, making remote communication easier than ever. Maybe this could be the solution to our phone problem and we can save money with this one too. Not only that, they also offer complete maintenance services such as comprehensive system upgrades and full IPC turret maintenance. So, you people out there who are also looking for new phone system check out the PBX phone systems and get connected to the latest communication today.