Blogging really is a fun experience for me because I have learned a lot of things that people have shared in their blogs, and I am able to voice my own opinions, views and more. But if you are really looking for an interesting, funny and full of ideas kind of site, then check out Amy Africa’s Qlog at Amy Africa’s Qlog is 99% Queries and Quintessentials & 1% Quibbling, a kind of blog where you can ask questions and be answered on the QLOG itself. If you are an e-marketer or if you sell on the web, you can throw some question or conversation about online marketing and usability at hopefully, and your conversation will spark some conversation on the QLOG. You can also get free top-notch marketing tips if you sign up for Amy’s Newsletter or subscribe to her Qlog and you will have these delivered straight to your mail. Right now, the QLOG is about a month old so there aren’t a ton of posts. She is adding about 2 to 3 posts a week about everything from analytics, conversion, creative, and email marketing, to navigation, SEO/SEM, shopping carts, and other topics of interest. There will also be guest posters on various topics so users can hear from other experts in the field. Ask Amy Africa now about online marketing and stuff because got rock-solid information that you don’t often find on other sites. Check it out now.