Couple of days ago we chatted to my family back home. My sister who lives in Vegas came home and decided to stay there for quite a long while. So, they used her lappy to talk to us online and used a web cam for them to see Jake and vice versa. It was a great chat for me seeing my parents in the cam and talk online. Although the line is not that good but we heard them really well, and so was them. They heard Jake talking and saw him on cam dancing. They had great time talking to Jake saw Justine. They laugh every time Jake utter Lolo and Lola (grand mom and granddad). I wish we could do that again sometime if my sister would be generous enough to let them use her lappy. I miss my family so much, and i feel bad that they never get the chance to hold and play Jake and Justine as we are million miles away from them plus our supposed to be trip to the Philippines this summer was postponed. I hope next year we can save enough money and have a trip back home.