Welcome to Monday Mayhem where no two Mondays are ever the same.
This week we are doing the “What is it and what do you do with it?” meme.
For each image, describe in your opinion, what it is and what you would do with it.You can use a simple explanation or story. Have fun.

Water? Drink it I guess lol I have poor concept with this one.
A butterfly made out of ink splotter… for arts I guess
It look like an image of two person kissing. What is it? lol
Ohh yeah the controversial ballon boy.
Ahhh One! 1! Uno! …. for 2010 i guess waaaaa

A door bell? Im not sure I just take it literally

Hmmmm looks like a dog poop to me, maybe shovel it!

dancer rivalry
Okay, I’m getting dizzy with what this girl is doing. What is this suppose to mean?
Thanks for playing!
We will see you next week!
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