Last year I have been convincing my husband to open the savings account for our children. And finally, before the year ended he opened two saving account for both of them. I was a little upset because he did not open a savings account just for me. Now I am started saving my money so that by next month I could open a savings account just for me. I need to save money for myself just in case of any emergency I have money to spend. Anyway, opening a savings needs enough amounts for the maintaining balance. I also really wanted to have my own debit card in pay pal so it would be easier to shop online but unfortunately my pay pal account is not verified yet, what a bummer! Well, it doesn’t matter because once I can open a savings hopefully next month I will ask for debit card as well. Husband and I also thinking of opening another savings as an investment perhaps in the future to earn interest and gain high cd rates interest. This would be a good savings so when my husband retires from teaching we will have enough savings in the bank.