Some of us blogging become a bread and butter aside from the fact that it started as a hobby. It is our way to voice out our hidden thoughts, share our interest and experiences and earn by doing what we used to do. We do our best to bring visitors to our blog for many reasons. And it’s really hard to avoid to get virus from other site when we bloghop especially when we drop entrecards. When I was dropping entrecards last Thursday, right on the time that I was about to reach 300 credits and clicked on this one site for the first time my computer hanged up. I knew something went wrong so, I turned my PC off and went to bed. Joedub opened the computer on Friday morning and a message pop out that one virus detected that need to be removed or taken care of. He thought he had the best anti virus software but during that time it did not blocked the virus. He spent the whole weekend running the virus scanner, and finding ways to removed the suckishly virus. I don’t know if it removed already as I just sneaked out to blog right now. So, you guys beware of those sites that can cause trouble to your lifeline, your computer. If you are not familiar or do not know the site don’t click it. For your darn V, get lost we don’t need you and as for people who like giving this freaking virus, please stop it. It’s not fun and people make a living on computer or online.