Join Us for Monday Mayhem

Welcome to Monday Mayhem the home of Mayhem on a Monday. Every week is something different. Have fun! Today’s meme – Write that Headline! Simply copy and paste this into a post on your site and answer the prompts. Be sure to list your a direct link to your post and visit the other participants. Each of the following Headlines appeared on Your task is simple: Re-write the Headline in as many words as the Original Headline was written. Each Headline links back to the original story if you want more information. Enjoy!

Monday Mayhem – Write that Headline!

Israeli cult leader charged with enslavement, rape

Your 7 word Headline:
Disgusting old man needs a week shower.

Greek PM slams European Union amid crisis

Your 7 word Headline:
Wrinkled and old greek wants facial makeover.

Officials: Don’t sweat the warm weather

Your 6 word Headline:
Next Olympics scheduled on snowstorm time

Carnie Wilson: I need help

Your 5 word Headline:
Fat gal beg for pizza.

Teen suspected of approaching Olympics air space in stolen plane

Your 10 word Headline:
Balloon boy dream to fly like a butterfly woot woot!

Has John Mayer been scared Tweetless?

Your 6 word Headline:
You should tweet me tight, man

Plans unveiled for world’s largest yacht

Your 6 word Headline:
You requested pink? out of stock