We just got hit by a snowstorm few weeks ago and some snow are still on the ground right now. We still have few inches of snowin our back yard and in most part of our area. We just got rid of this big bloke of icicle on the roof of our house and icicle that hanging around the gutter of our roof. Now, I heard from the new that there will be another snowtorm sets to sweep through the Pittsburgh area. According to the meteorologists the total snowfall expected for the Pittsburgh area from Wednesday night through Friday night is 3 to 6 inches. Interstate 80 and the ridges east of Pittsburgh could get 6 to 10 inches. Parts of West Virginia and Ohio will get 1 to 3 inches. The PennDOT crews are preparing to deal with a snowstorm that will impact much of Pennsylvania.

This year’s winter is indeed a tough winter for people living in the eastern part of the US. So, guy be ready with yourcandle and other emergency kit just in case of any damages will happen. I hope it will not be as bad as the first snowstorm that hit our area just recently.