I made a post few weeks ago when our computer got infected with Trojan virus and am decided not to do some entrecard dropping for a while. Last week I asked babger if I could used the computer for ec dropping. I only reciprocate those who dropped entrecard that found in my inbox. I haven’t reached 200 drops yet when I click on this site (picture above) and a pop up ads and script that says scan my computer for virus threat. I was alarmed and stopped dropping the entrecards. The next day I dropped ec again and it went well although I did not finish the 300 maximum drops. And then yesterday (Monday) I wasn’t even seriously dropping my entrecard but I logged in to my entrecard account when I click a site of free template another pop up that did an instant scan without me clicking ok yet. I closed the browser and another browser pop out and other then a script came out that says Malware and Trojan high jack attack you need to scan your computer. I restart the computer twice and still the same message keep on popping out and it leads to some kind of order now or register. I think those people who sell anti virus or something distribute computer virus to have their software sold. I did not able to blog yesterday coz we couldn’t removed it from our computer. Hubby has to do some reformat just to have it removed. I have decided now not to use the entrecard. It is not safe for our computer and we can’t afford to buy a new one. I hope those heartless people who love to ruin other people’s lives by distributing viruses to different computer should be considerate and stop this annoying and low life kind of thing.