If you are wondering why different look appeared again in my site well here is the answer. Last night I got another rejected post notice in my email from this blog. It really so frustrating and disappointing that after your hardwork in writing those opps it get rejected when it’s time for payment. So, I checked my site and I found out there is something wrong with my template. When I submitted another blog post last night the warning sign kept popping out that say put a link to the post and won’t accept upon submission. So, I made a quick change with my template at the neck of time before that post will expired in few minutes. As soon as I change the template they accepted my blog post url when I sumbitted it. I kind of like that previous template but I’m losing lots of furtune with that hehehehe as if I have fortune ngek ngek lol. If you any of you knows how to submit ticket in the new 3pv4, please tell so I can submit ticket regarding my 4 rejected post yesterday. Thanks for coming and reading my post. Your help is highly appreciated.