My husband is a sports fanatic I think most men are. Aside from that reason their family is really into sports. Every time there is a get together and reunion all they talk about is football, baseball, tennis, basketball and more. I actually admired the enthusiast of Henry my husband’s 9 year old nephew when it comes to sports. During football, baseball and basketball season he prefers to stay inside and watch the sports rather than go out and play with their neighbor. His parents are very supportive in curricular and extra curricular their kids enjoy of participating. Anyhow, that is how sports minded my husband’s family is. In my family only my father and brother watches sports specifically basketball. I watch basketball but only cheer for my team which is the Lakers. My husbands like that team too and he and his colleagues usually had this bit for their favorite team. Right now they have a bet going on of who’s going to win in NBA basketball and college basketball. Even online basketball betting is sort of popular among basketball fanatics or sports lover in general. This kind of activity brings lots of fun in watching basketball. By just thinking of your bet and who’s team going to win gives adrenalin rush. For these past weeks my husband refused to take us out because his team was playing and he wants to watch the basketball. He doesn’t want to miss any single game of his team because his betting on it and he wants to prove something that his team is great. Well, I wish basketball will be over soon so that my husband can finish installing the fence that my son broke. To all the basketball fanatics may your team or bets win so everybody’s happy.