There’s a blogger party at BC Bloggers hosted by Paula in celebration of her bongacious birthday party :cake: . Check it out and come join us.
This is my post for the BC Blogger party. Don’t raise you eye brows just smile because I’m sexah! :chick: whohahahaha

I am Shydub, the name came from Sheila and Worthington. Why “dub” the worthington begins with W (double U) so I took it from the first syllable which is doub. So, those people asking me before if “Shydub” is my real name, here is the answer folks. Anyhow, don’t get confuse with that,it’s worthless hehehe. I like to be called different name but not Sheila. You can call me sheng, shy, titing, renee, jesse, shang, tsang, sweet, or julia roberts I won’t mind that. The picture was taken last week to remind my self esteem that I still look hot and my figure 26-36-26 :pig: still visible.  The eye brows sisteretters ibaba, this is my moment now. lmao

I have to precious kids Jake and Justine.    If you want to know who is that guy, here he is none other than Joedub.  We tattoed our name in our body and it was too late to find out that we are not compatible in many ways.  I am glad blogging existed or else I’m going gaga with my life here in the  You Is Of EEEE. :flagus:
Why I’m going GaGa?  Because I feel all alone, I have no friends in the neighborhood to talk to, I can’t even share stuff with my husband now without ending up bickering with each other.  So, blogging is my only outlet to voice out my thoughts and I could earn some moolah for shopping as stress reliever.  I have quiet a few blogs I manage, the main blog Simple Happy Life which was my first blog created last December of 2008.  Then I created this blog and got its first domain name  The third blog was when I won a domain name from Momgen’s Contest sponsored by Mommy Rubz.  That blog is the Worth’s Road which was supposed to be my first WordPress blog but I transferred it to blogger.  The fourth blog Sissy’s Pastime was change into J&J Milestones and Adventures when I was prego with my lil princess.  And because of the moolah in blogging few months ago I created a new blog Women Talk & Shopping and help my sister manage our sisters corporation blog charrooot! Sissy’s Pastime :rotfl: These blogs now become my pastime and moolah maker for shopping galore.

It was a huge changes in my life not having a job and most especially not having a money in my wallet.  I came from the Philippines and been working there for more than 7 years as public school teacher before decided to quit in exchange of BS luv :inlove: and move here in the US of A.  I am a transparent person so what you see is what you get.  If I say lots of nega in my life right now it’s because thats what I am feeling.  Alright, there you go folks and peepz hope to read yours and get to know you. So, join the fun BC bloggers the more the merrier.