I was a huge fan of Jillian Michaels before and used to watch Biggest Loser every Tuesday. I really admired her buffy body and flat abs. I wish I have that body too but that wish is so impossible to happen. Anyway, lots of people reacted to that interview one time where she said something like she’d rather adopt a baby than get pregnant. For her getting pregnant is ruining her figure. Well, that is her choice in my opinion since she earned big money with her sexy body. I also heard that she is going to have a talk show about being healthy and give advices to people on how to stay healthy. She is really good but tough trainer in the Biggest Loser show. I have missed few episodes of the Biggest Loser lately I even don’t know if the show is over now or still on. I read one time in the yahoo news the transformation that the Biggest Loser contestant/finalist is having right now. It really amazes me how the 400lbs turn into less than 150lbs. What an accomplishment.